5 Surefire Ways to Make Today the Best Day Ever!

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13 Mar. 2018
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Begin Again

If there is one thing I have learned in my short life, it is that every day is a chance to begin again. A chance to have the best day ever.  Even though the weight of yesterday still lingers, today is new, we can make different choices and start fresh again. Not too long ago, I was a young mom of three kiddos all under the age of 4, I had been nursing or pregnant for four years straight. I was tired, overwhelmed and full of raging hormones. My husband who I loved was always at work and I was always at home and I felt like I never had a break. So I can remember waking up to days that had the weight of yesterday still lingering. I spent day after day after day, just getting by, not really living in the moment but existing through the moments until one day I realized I had to get my act together and start enjoying the life I had, no matter how hard it was.

You see I loved those sweet babies of mine, I treasured my husband and I had a LOT to be thankful for but I was caught up in my circumstances instead of being thankful. So I got ahold of myself and set out to “begin again”. My goal? To be a living example to my children of how to make each day, the best day ever! If you have had one or two or even a lifetime of those kind of days, I am here to help. It doesn’t have to be that way, you can make a choice to begin again, every single day. So here we go, 5 surefire ways to make today the best day ever.

      1. You Gotta have Breakfast

You have heard it said that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, I tend to agree, since I absolutely love breakfast food. But truly, planning ahead what you will eat for breakfast makes the entire day go so much better. Even if it is a simple grab and go breakfast, the fact that you thought ahead takes one more thing off your list for the day. Breakfast also give you energy and gets your metabolism going after a night of fasting. For quick great ideas for breakfast and how to plan ahead, check out my post HERE.

      2. The First 30 minutes of the day are the most important

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then certainly those first 30 minutes upon awakening are the most important minutes of the day. Take the first 30 minutes of your day to set the tone for the best day ever.  We wake up and hit the floor running, already with a list a mile long, waiting to be conquered and completed. I want to challenge you to take those first 30 minutes of every day, to slow down, focus and be thankful. I find if I wake up and go go go, I am already frazzled before the day even begins, so is my family because I have set that tone before them. My best days, are when I wake up and see whats around me, see my husband that I love lying beside me, see my chair and Bible in the room that I get to sit in and read God’s word and pray, see my children that are so grown, but still hug me and talk to me about their dreams or their day ahead. Start your day in peace and thankfulness, set the tone for the day.

      3. Plan the Clothes you Wear

Nothing gets me more in a tizzy than trying to find something to wear, especially on a busy day. You have to check the weather, try on 10 different outfits and I am hot and frustrated before the day even gets going. At the beginning of each week I try to make sure all of the clothes are clean and put away. It is important to know where everything is, to be prepared. The night before as part of my “going to bed” routine, I go into my closet and choose what I will wear the next day. I lay out everything I will need, down to my underwear and then I go to sleep.I am not sure what makes choosing my outfit the night before so much easier, but it is. My day that would have been absolutely exasperating is now on its way to being the best day ever, one less thing I have to stress about and one more thing to be thankful for.

      4. Take time to be thankful and pray

During the first 30 minutes of my day, I take time to pray and be thankful. Before my feet hit the floor, I pray and say thanks for waking me up and giving me a new day, I say thanks for the blessings I have in my life and the list goes on. I take time to be quiet and to pray and seek God’s guidance for the day ahead. If you would like to know how to read the Bible and are seeking a super easy plan, check THIS out. With You Version app, you can open the Bible and a plan to help you read and understand God’s word, right on your iPad, phone or device. Knowing that there is a God and he loves me and has a plan for my life gives me so much peace. I know I don’t have to ever do anything alone, and taking this time to pray to Him and be thankful sets the day up to be a win, no matter what might come my way.

      5. Put on a fresh face.

I am sure that a fresh face might look a little different for everyone out there. But the simple elements are the same. Never walk out of your house without a clean fresh face. It sounds silly I know but it is true. When you wake up and head to the bathroom to do what you need to do first thing in the morning, be sure to head mamas advice and wash your face and put lotion on.  Then do some of the other “5 surefire ways to make your day the best day ever”. Walk around with a clean fresh face for a while and then before you leave the house, if you wear makeup, you can apply before you leave. A freshly washed face simply makes you feel better. Male or female, it is a great feeling.

I admit, that I do not do all of these things every single day. Sometimes life just happens and things get forgotten. I do my best to make this list my daily practice and when I succeed at that, I can hands down, 100 percent of the time, say, that my day is so much better. So there you go, “5 Surefire ways to have the best day ever”. They might seem super simple but they are certainly what I have learned to be key to having a great day. It doesn’t take a ton of effort, just a little intention and you can reap the benefits. Take time today to apply one or all of these principles and let me know how it goes!