“What Comes Next” The Search Begins

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22 Feb. 2018
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Life is a series of “What Comes Next”

I have been searching quite a while for my “what comes next”.  The search is always there.  To find a  great adventure, to seek how to live my life on purpose and to make  a better living. To be passionate in using my  gifts and abilities, this is the goal. The icing on the cake would be to work from home and be able to travel the world. At this point in the conversation I literally hear in my head, a choir of Angels singing “Ahhh”.  To live the American dream and pursue the greater good for all mankind, wow. The truth is that I see so many people doing just that everyday. They reinvent their life and career at all ages. I admire them as they work hard to be a good person and become a better version of themselves. All the while, staying true to who they were created to be. Finding our “what comes next” is a glorious part of the great adventure.

Don‘t forget your past “What Comes Next”

My Family, pretty amazing. What Comes Next

I kinda, totally love these guys.

I have spent the last 21 years doing what I love more than anything in the world, more than the candy aisle with an empty bag, waiting to be filled at the local gas station. More than cold, creamy ice cream on a sweltering summer day and even more than hot buttered popcorn being scarfed down at the movies , more than ANYTHING.  I was a stay at home mom of, not just anyone, no I was the mom of 3 amazing kiddos and the wife of a wonderful, patient, funny and kind man. We chose to homeschool for most of their school career. Along the way we shared lots of amazing sidebars and crazy adventures. Now, at this point, I know that I should just be grateful. However, it seems these children of mine have all decided that it was a good idea for them to grow up and go to college and find new adventures of their own. I mean who do they think they are right? RIGHT? Can someone help me out here? So I find my self at this point, lying in a puddle of self pity and tears, trying to find a life while still trying to be a mom to these selfish, stinky heads… I mean, wonderful sweet, babies of mine. Did I forget to mention that I have a pretty amazing husband that so lovingly puts up with me and even encourages my craziness? I do and his name is Mike and I think I will keep him forever. I really do have the best partner in crime. Life is good even in the searching.

I am determined to find my “What Comes Next”

What Comes Next. This is Rocky, our outside dog, because I truly am deathly allergic. He is a lot bigger now and destroys everything but he is really cute.

This is Rocky, our outside dog, because I truly am deathly allergic. He is a lot bigger now and destroys everything but he is really cute.

I have gone through a million ideas in search of what I should do. What adventure I should take next, how can I find my “what comes next” and actually help people while having fun? Number 1 on this long list was to be a famous actress/singer. This didn’t quite work out for me, I think you need serious connections to make that happen.  Then, there was the adventure of becoming a dog groomer. this didn’t work out so well either. Turns out you should probably LOVE dogs and it would also help if you were not deathly allergic to them as well!  The list goes on and on. For the past 2 years I have had the honor of serving my church as volunteer coordinator. This is something I truly love and cherish. I have met some amazing people in the process. The ability to serve along side so many diverse, loving and smart people is one of my greatest joys. These are the things that have led me to the place of starting my new big adventure.

Finding your “What Comes Next” takes work and determination 

Becoming a blogger.  The process of becoming a blogger is already such an exciting adventure. I began to research several years ago and found so many people that have inspired me. If you are trying to find your “what comes next” and blogging is of interest to you, then go for it. Need encouragement to just do it? Read this article HERE. This lady seriously knows her stuff and her blog has helped me in so many ways.  I have experienced a gazillion snags but  with determination, I am finding my way and learning. Willingly, I have become an avid student of technology and the process has been a blast.

Finally, my “What Comes Next” is clear

I am finally at the place where I can begin sharing with whomever will read this little blog I call HomeSpunSunshine. Do you love or hate to cook but have to anyway? Follow me.  Love to travel or just take day trips around town? Look no further. Looking for ways to budget, save money and run a household? Do you want to know how to make things fun at home? You have found the blog to read.  Want to throw a fun, creative party? Seeking advice on raising kiddos, how to be a great friend, needing help with relationships or marriage? This blog will be your guide.  Want to know that there is someone else in this world that cares for you and is crazier than you are? Then this is the place you will want to hang out for quite a while.

“What Comes Next”

My hopes are that I can share what I have learned and am continuing to learn in this crazy life of mine. I hope you will laugh and cry, get excited and learn. I hope that you will hang on and be patient with me as I grow.  Let’s go on this journey together. So here goes, post #1 in the books. Let the adventure begin, what comes next?

By His Grace,                                                                                            Kimberly
I am blessed, What Comes Next