When in Nashville-Top 3 places to Eat

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My family and I love to visit Nashville Tennessee.

There are countless reasons why we can’t wait to head their. There is always something to do, it is full of adventure, spontaneous concerts, beautiful places to see, unique shopping and the list goes on and on. But my most favorite reasons to visit would be, one because our best friends live there and two because Nashville is an absolute foodie town. There is never a dull moment in Nashville and you could literally eat some where different for every meal for months on end and never be disappointed. Our recent visit in April was a multi purpose visit. Our God daughter was headed to prom and we were there to help her get ready and share in the moment and it was my birthday. We had an amazing week and we celebrated every day. Now, one of my favorite things to do, pretty much anywhere I go, is to search the web for the most popular places to eat. I am truly a “foodie” and I like to search TV Food maps for restaurants featured on one of the many popular Food Network shows. I also search top restaurants on the web for the area I am in. Many hidden gems have been found by doing this. While we were there we headed to a new restaurant for almost every meal, so I wanted to share with you my 3 favorites.

The first stop on my list was Five Daughters Bakery. 

I mean, what’s a birthday without something sweet to treat yourself with, am I right? This is, at its simplest a donut bakery. But please do not mistake these donuts for anything simple or bland. The donuts here take 4 days to make and have 100 layers. They are a cross between a donut and a croissant and come in the most magical flavor combinations but my absolute favorite was the vanilla creme. This donut was flaky and chewy, soft and sweet, and it had the perfect vanilla butter creme icing on top with a decadent vanilla creme filling that was simply divine. They have staple flavors as well as rotating flavors through the seasons. Our top flavors (we tried them all) were, the Triple Strawberry with strawberry buttercream infusion / the Lemon Blueberry with lemon curd infusion and the Parent Trap (PB Cookies and Cream) with peanut butter cream infusion. I am so sad that there is not a Five Daughters Bakery near me. I promise that I will make the 6 hour drive again just for this treat.

My number two favorite place to eat was Prince’s Hot Chicken. 

This is a right of passage for anyone that visits Nashville TN. Prince’s is literally a hole in the wall restaurant with hardly any room to sit, it is hot and the lines are long, they are open all hours of the night and the chicken is to die for. Hot Chicken has become a popular food over the past few years but it has been around for a long time and Prince’s started it all. They are the original Hot Chicken place in Nashville and definitely one fo the best. We ordered the “mild” hot chicken breast and wing, and it was so hot that I cried the entire time I ate it, but I devoured every bite. It was that delicious. It comes on loaf bread and with pickles but a side of potato salad and extra pickles are a must. Please do not leave Nashville without stopping here.

Finally on my top 3  is the amazing Biscuit Love. 

This is the place you go to for absolutely any and every occasion. Do not let the long line wrapped around the building scare you. It moves fast, it is always there and yes it is worth it.  You need to go hungry and ready to spend some money. Not because it is expensive, but because you will want to try everything! I seriously want to go back right now so that I can reorder what I had before and order several of the other things that I wanted to try but didn’t have the room in my belly for. My suggestion is to go with your favorite group of friends and order several things and split them, even though you will not want to share. On the must order list is the Chronic bacon, a sweet and spicy thick cut bacon that is like crack! You will want an order of this all by yourself. Another must have are the Bonuts, hot fried biscuit dough, topped with lemon mascarpone cream, sitting on a bed of home made blueberry compote, yum. We also ordered the Bill Neal which is gulf shrimp served over cheese grits and topped with a lemon tabasco sauce and green onions. SO delish, the food was amazing and the atmosphere was great. Very Nashville.



Nashville is certainly one of the “must do” trips in your life, there is no substitute.

From a foodie perspective, it doesn’t get much better than this, the list of places to eat goes on and on. We had Indian cuisine from Chauna, burgers from Gabby’s, the most delicious potpourri spaghetti from The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown and the perfect salmon and orzo and wild rice salad from J.Alexanders. We had the best time with our friends, we call them “framerly” because friend just doesn’t give them justice. I am so thankful for the time and memories. You have to make it to Nashville one day soon and try some of the amazing restaurants listed. I know the perfect guides in this area, they know how to spread a little homespun sun and shine every where they go and I get to call them framerly.